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Tri-Color LED Ring Light Kit
  • ● 120 Ultra Bright LEDs
  • ● 3 Color Temperatures (Warm, Daylight, Cool)
  • ● 10 Brightness Levels
  • ● Quick & Easy Setup
  • ● Suction Cup, Tripod or Spring Clamp Mounts
  • ● USB Controller Included



MSRP: 18.50 USD / 15.99 EUR

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Glow up your workspace!
Shine bright and make it professional!
Designed for Life
The ring light technology - a top-pick of renowned photographers and videographers - is indispensable to provide diffuse lighting, reduce shadows and offer uniform glow
Perfect light source for Live Streams, Podcasts, Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Selfie, Photography & Videography
Sophisticated Lighting Techniques
120 ultra-brigth LEDs orchestrated in circular array and boasting adjustable color temperatures and brightness controls
Quick & Easy Setup
Start in no-time with goose-neck tube phone holder, desktop suction cup mount or extra-large spring clamp
Flexible Mounts
Super flexible tilt and swivel supported by 360° rotatable ring head
Extendable Tripod
Seamless height adjustements in the range 20cm to 125cm
*Extendable Tripod and Extra-Large Spring Clamp sold separately
Technical Specifications
Color Temperature (K): 2700 - 7000
Light Ring Diameter (mm): 260
No. of LEDs: 120
Power Draw (W): 12.5
Power Input: USB DC 5V
Thickness (mm): 25
Warranty (years): 1
Weight (g): 455
1 x Tri-Color Ring LED Light
1 x Goose-neck Soft Tube Phone Holder
1 x Suction Cup Stand
1 x USB Controller with Cable
Additional Accessories:
Extendable Tripod
Extra-Large Spring Clamp
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