• Dual GPU Support
  • Compatible with All GPU Types
  • 2 Self-Locked Adjustable Brackets
  • ABS Steel Pole
  • ARGB Sync
  • Magnetic Bottom & Sticky Adhesive

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Stabilo VGA Card Support White (ST-RGB-02)
Universal ARGB GPU Holder

RGB Technologies Supported

Stabilo VGA Card Support goes to minimize GPU PCB bending over time, helps support GPU properly and reduce stress on your motherboard from heavy-weight GPU. It features a robust build with ABS Steel Pole inside, magnetic bottom, and a pair of 5cm long adjustable brackets to support GPU of any type and size. Stabilo also boasts 9 ARGB LEDs with ARGB Sync for vivid system lighting.

Bring the force back into balance. Stand your GPU perfectly stable!

Motherboard RGB Header Compatibility

Motherboard RGB Header Compatibility

Dimensions (mm): 60 (l) x 95 (w) x 235 (h)
Material: ABS Steel, Plastic
Color: Black, White
Power Input: SATA
ARGB Voltage (V): 5
ARGB Connector: 3-Pin Addressable RGB Header (5V)
Warranty (years): 2
Included: SATA Cable Adapter, Sticky Adhesive

Tech for Techs, November 2020