修订版 2 GX-7


SKU: CC-GX7-02-A


  • ● 7 Power Heatpipes
  • ● Unique Heatpipes Arrangement
  • ● Optimized Heatsink with Multi Air Channels
  • ● Slim 12 PL Blue Fan with PWM & LED
  • ● GC-Extreme Thermal Compound
  • ● 3 Years Warranty



Rev. 2 GX-7 (CC-GX7-02-A)



Intel Socket 775, 1366, 1155, 1156, 2011* & 1150:
CPU:所有 Pentium D/Pentium 4/所有 Celeron D/所有 Pentium 双核/Extreme/所有 Core 2 Extreme/Core 2 Quad/Core 2 Duo、Core i5、Core i7
AMD Socket AM2/ AM2+/ AM3/ AM3+/ FM1 & FM+2:
CPU:所有 Athlon 64 X2、Athlon 64、所有 Athlon II、所有 Sempron、Phenom、Phenom II、所有 A 系列 AMD APU Llano


*Mounting clip for socket 2011 needs to be purchased separately.




In comparison to its predecessor the Rev. 2 GX-7 included the Slim 12 PL Blue fan which is more compact,
allows for better RAMsink clearance and even easier installation. The Slim 12 PL Blue has a Hydro Dynamic bearing and a dimension of 120x120x15.8 mm. In addition the fan features blue LED’s. The fan also includes a premium PWM control, so the temperature can be controlled precisely by the BIOS. Further high-end GCExtreme thermal compound is included in the package.



Traditional heat pipe arrangement of high-end heatsink heatpipes are usually soldered on one row. Therefore the heat absorption capacity of the outer heatpipe will be negatively affected when there are more than 5 heatpipes.

To solve this problem a special array of heatpipes was used on Rev. 2 GX-7 to take full advantage of all 7 6mm heatpipe heat transfer capacity. On Rev. 2 GX-7 two heatpipes were soldered on top of three middle heatpipes.

Traditional heatpipe arrangement


Unique heatpipe arrangement on Rev. 2 GX-7 to take full advantage of all 7 heatpipe


Air Flow Concept:

The fins in the middle part of the heatsink of Rev. 2 GX-7 were designed in a V-shape. This allows the cooling air to reach the heatsink module more evenly. Thanks to some openings inside of the heatsink and near the heatpipes let fresh-air flows in from the top and the bottom to zones normally poorly ventilated and eliminates the creation of hotspots from building. The unique heatsink shape supports dual fans.




Besides the multi-award winning high performance GC-Extreme thermal compound additionally mounting clips for AMD AM2/ AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/ FM2 and Intel 775, 1366, 1155, 1156 sockets and back plates for Intel LGA 775, Core i5 and Core i7 boards are all included. The LGA 2011 mounting clip needs to be purchased separately.



该冷却器符合 RoHS 和 WEEE 标准,并提供 3 年保修。 Please have a look at the installation manual and height restriction drawing.


MSRP: USD 65 / Euro 45[:]

November / 2013: Hardware-360

"Overall, the GELID GX-7 is suitable for any gaming build, especially for LGA115x CPUs more so than larger LGA2011 CPUs. It is compact and provides decent performance, but for the MSRP of $64.99 it is in a very tough and competitive spot in the market, facing not just similar slim tower-style heatsink options but an abundance of liquid CPU coolers as well."

August / 2013: Tweak

"Så er det blevet tid til at komme med en konklusion af køleren. Jeg vidste faktisk ikke helt, hvad jeg skulle forvente af den, da jeg ikke havde hørt om køleren, da jeg modtog den. Dog havde jeg haft én Gelid køler til test før, og denne var af ret god kvalitet og ydede også fornuftigt, så det forventede jeg selvfølgelig også af denne. Dog blev jeg lidt mere positivt overrasket af denne, da den faktisk yder rigtigt fornuftigt – og dét i et støjniveau, som er selv Noctua overlegent. Monteringen af køleren var supernem, som den er på alle kølere i dag. De sendte også alt med, man skal bruge for at komme i gang – og det indebærer også deres supergode kølepasta. Dertil er køleren også lige præcis ”lille” nok til at høje RAM-profiler understøttes, hvilket er super fedt, og et stort plus i bogen. Prisen ligger også ret godt på køleren, så alt i alt er jeg faktisk yderst tilfreds med den."

July / 2013: Razorman.net

"Nuevamente hemos obtenido un brillante rendimiento con esta segunda revision del cooler GELID GX-7 que hemos analizado. Comenzamos estas conclusiones por el embalaje exterior, en la que destacamos el atractivo embalaje exterior, con una práctica asa para el transporte del cooler. El cooler no es de dimensiones muy grandes, más bien son contenidas, algo que se agradece pues nos será más fácil su colocación en un mayor número de torres sin problemas, tambien se agradece su estrechez que evita que choque el radiador con las memorias. Nos ha gustado tambien que podamos incluir un segundo ventilador, lo que sin duda redundará en un mejor rendimiento del ya obtenido, incluyéndose para tal fin unos clips de acero para la sujeccion del nuevo ventilador. El perfil del disipador en forma de V, le dan un aspecto diferente, a lo que tambien coontribuye la terminacion de la tapa negra de plástico en la parte superior del cuerpo del disipador, otorgándole una apariencia muy elegante. Seguimos con la calidad de materiales de construccion del disipador, un aspecto que no merece reproche alguno, con una gran calidad de fabricacion. Las prestaciones que hemos obtenido han sido realmente muy buenas como ha quedado demostrado en el gráfico comparativo con otros modelos de la competencia, por lo que en este apartado tambien nos merece nuestra máxima puntuacion este cooler GELID GX-7 Rev.2"

June / 2013: Bit-tech
"The Gelid GX-7 Rev. 2 is a well rounded cooler that's capable of producing good temperatures at a low noise level. The use of a slimmer fan to improve RAM compatibility can only be a good thing, especially when it doesn't appear to hinder the cooler's performance. Small touches like a braided fan cable, extra fan clips and an included LGA2011 mount would make for a more complete package, but their absence doesn't detract from what's an attractive bundle overall. If you're chasing as much bang for your buck as possible, the Argon AR01 runs cooler for less, but if you like or simply aren't fussed about its looks, the GX-7 Rev. 2 is more ear friendly and still competitively priced for the performance it offers
*INCLUDED: AMD & Intel Mounting Clip & Back Plate, GC-Extreme High Performance Thermal Compound
Air Flow (CFM/CMH): 57.9 / 98.5
Bearing: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
Cable Length (mm): 350
Current (A): max. 0.2
DC Voltage (V): 12
Fan Dimensions (mm): 120(l) x 120 (x) x 15.8 (h)
Fan Life Time MTTF at 40C (h): 50000
Fan Speed (+/- 10% ) (RPM): 750- 1800
Heat Sink Dimension (mm): 130 (l) x 65 (w) x 159 (h)
LED Color: Blue
Noise Level (dBA): 12 – 28
Number of LED: 4
Static Pressure (mmAq): 1.6
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (g): 720 (incl. Heatsink & Fan)