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  • 静音操作
  • 优化风扇叶片
  • 大风量和高静压
  • 长使用寿命 (50'000 h MTTF at 40°C)
  • ● 3 年保修


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Silent 7 (FN-SX07-22)

70mm 静音机箱风扇



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March / 2013:

"The GELID Silent fans are inexpensive and well designed fans that fits well with the needs of those aiming for quiet cooling solutions for their PC. Although the performance is not outstanding, the noise levels produced by the fans are certainly impressive.The GELID Silent series was designed for silent enthusiasts. GELID Silent fans provide normal airflow without increasing noise levels and at affordable prices. Precisely balanced fan blades and long life Hydro Dynamic bearing
guarantee ultra low noise levels."

*包含: 4 颗螺丝
风量 (CFM/CMH): 19.8 / 33.66
轴承: 动态液压轴承
外线长 (mm): 450
端子: 3 针 Molex
电流 (A): 0.15
风扇尺寸(mm): 70 x 70 x 15
风扇转速 (RPM): 2200
噪音水平 (dBA): 21.8
安全认证: CE, 符合RoHS标准
静压 (mmAq): 2.6
电压 (V): 12
保修 (years): 3
重量 (g): 50