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  • ●120 x 120 x 15.8毫米超薄风扇
  • ●液压动态轴承 Hydro Dynamic Bearing
  • ●紫外线反应叶轮
  • ●高气流
  • ●无声操作
  • ●5年保修



Slim 12 UV Blue(FN-FW12SlimB-15)


Slim 12 UV Blue采用独特的液压动态轴承(Hydro Dynamic Bearing)。该轴承可确保静音运行及特长寿命。优化的风扇叶片产生高气流,叶轮具有紫外线反应性。 Slim 12 UV Blue的启动电压仅为5伏,供应商提供5年保修。





March / 2013: eteknix

“My interpretation of these products is that if you aren’t confined by space, then you probably won’t need them. In most cases you get more performance at the same price point by using a standard sized 25mm-thick 120mm fan. However, if space is tight then these fans could be really useful. For example if your heatsink is very close to your RAM and you need a slimmer fan, then this is a perfect option. Or you are short of space at the top of your case and can’t fit normal sized fans onto your radiator, then this could also be an excellent option. Consequently, I feel what Gelid have done is very innovative and this fan is perfect for people who are short on space but still need a quiet, well designed and low cost fan that doesn’t sacrifice too much on performance. That said we are happy to give the Gelid Slim 12 UV series our innovation award.”

February / 2013: DVtest

“Even though both of the fans look almost the same with very similar structure and appearance they perform in very differently. The first model is obviously made to work as a cpu cooler fan suitable for installing inside any HTPC or regular system because of its dimensions while the second model is working with wider voltage range and I believe more suitable for installing as a case fan. Apart from that, when both of the fans are working at 12V they are a very good choice for installing on bigger and smaller CPU coolers. Both of the fans were completely silent during the tests at 5, 7 and 9V and got a bit noisy at the tests conducted at 12V. I really loved seeing Gelid’s colour scheme offering black frame and light blue semi-transparent propeller with UV reactive layer with blue LEDs. Just wonderful combiantion especially when there is UV back light. They just glow like a star.”

January /2013: Xtremehardware

“In base ai test e all’analisi effettuata assegniamo il performance award.”

December / 2012:

“Un buen descubrimiento ha sido para nosotros este ventilador GELID SLIM 12 UV BLUE . Era la primera vez que probábamos un producto de GELID y hemos de confesar que nos ha sorprendido por su gran rendimiento y su contenido precio ( no llega a los 7 euros en tiendas) Comenzando el repaso por sus características técnicas, nos encontramos con un ventilador realmente muy potente al máximo de revoluciones de giro, y con un nivel sonoro a estas rotaciones del ventilador contenido. Si lo que buscamos es un silencio prácticamente total de funcionamiento, entonces deberemos poner el cable reductor de ruido, que aminorará la velocidad de rotación del ventilador hasta las 1.000 rpm, pero el ruido será prácticamente inapreciable, eso si, el volumen de aire arrojado será menor pero suficiente para casi todas las situaciones. La presentación del ventilador es realmente buena, GELID consigue llamar nuestra atención con un diseño exterior del blister acertado y un perfil del ventilador estrechísimo que hará que lo podamos colocar en cualquier lugar de la caja que queramos. Ningún pero se puede poner a la calidad de materiales con los que está construido el ventilador GELID Slim 12 UV BLUE, ni tampoco hemos encontrado ningún fallo de acabado del ventilador, sino todo lo contrario: mallado de cableado de buena calidad y terminaciones perfectas. El precio es uno de sus puntos fuertes: por menos de 7 euros adquirirás un ventilador con unas muy buenas características técnicas, bonito diseño y calidad de materiales.”


November / 2012:

“Overall this fan looks great and performs even better and is an all-round great buy! Value for money is brilliant. Its slim design means it slips right in the case and can cool those hard to reach places like HDD bays and as an exhaust fan. So for those who like a bargain and love to have their PC running as quiet as possible the Slim 12 UV Blue is defiantly worth checking out. We scored the Slim 12 UV Blue 8/10 for two main reason, the overal design of this fan is very well thought out, we loved the universal  capablilties it posses and its aesthetically nice to look at, however the blades on the fans although they look great and perform well they do feel a bit weak, and feel as if slight pressure is applied they may break. And secondly the addition of some anti-vibration mounts would have just completed the overall silent aspect of the fan and really just added that finishing touch. But none the less a great product!


*INCLUDED: 4 Metal Screws, 1 Noise Reduction Cable
Air Flow (CFM/CMH): 48.3 / 82.11
Bearing: Nanoflux Bearing (NFB)
Cable Length (mm): 500
Connector: 3 Pin Molex
Current (A): 0.15
Dimension of Fan (mm): 120 x 120 x 15.8
Fan Speed (RPM): 1500
Noise Level (dBA): 24.6
Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
Static Pressure (mmH2O): 1.26
Voltage (V): 12
Warranty (years): 5
Weight (g): 50
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