SKU: FN-SX14-10


  • 靜音操作
  • 優化風扇葉片
  • 大風量和高靜壓
  • 橡膠拉釘安裝
  • 長使用壽命 (50'000 h MTTF at 40°C)
  • ● 5 年保修



Silent 14 (FN-SX14-10)

140mm 靜音機箱風扇


專為靜音發燒友而設計GELID靜音機箱風扇提供高風量,卻保持低噪音水平,且價格合理。精確平衡的風扇葉片和長壽命動態液壓軸承保證超低噪音。 採用了高品質、耐高溫、耐用的橡膠拉釘代替傳統的安裝螺絲,,減少因風扇電機引起的振動而影響電腦機箱的安靜。


建議零售價: 7.00 美元/ 6.13 歐元

March / 2013:

"The GELID Silent fans are inexpensive and well designed fans that fits well with the needs of those aiming for quiet cooling solutions for their PC. Although the performance is not outstanding, the noise levels produced by the fans are certainly impressive.The GELID Silent series was designed for silent enthusiasts. GELID Silent fans provide normal airflow without increasing noise levels and at affordable prices. Precisely balanced fan blades and long life Hydro Dynamic bearing
guarantee ultra low noise levels."

*INCLUDED: 4 Fan Mounts
Air Flow (CFM/CMH): 64.8 / 110.16
Bearing: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
Cable Length (mm): 500
Connector: 3 Pin Molex
Current (A): 0.12
Dimension of Fan (mm): 140 x 140 x 25
Fan Speed (RPM): 1000
Noise Level (dBA): 21
Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
Static Pressure (mmH2O): 1.35
Voltage (V): 12
Warranty (years): 5
Weight (g): 140