SKU: CC-GX7-01-A


  • ● 7 Power Heatpipes
  • ● Unique Heatpipes Arrangement
  • ● Optimized Heatsink with Multi Air Channels
  • ● Wing 12 PL Blue Fan
  • ● PWM Fan Control
  • ● 3 Years Warranty


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GX-7 (CC-GX7-01-A)



Intel Socket 775, 1366, 1155 and 1156:
CPU: 所有奔騰 D/ 奔騰 4/ 所有賽揚 D/ 所有奔騰雙核/ 至尊/ 全酷睿 2 至尊/酷睿 2 四核/ 酷睿 2 雙核, 酷睿 i5, 酷睿 i7
AMD Socket AM2/ AM2+/ AM3/ AM3+/ FM1/ FM2:
CPU: 所有速龍 64 x2, 速龍 64, 全速龍 II, 全閃龍, 飛鴻, 飛鴻 II, 全 A 系列 AMD APU 拉諾





Traditional heat pipe arrangement of high-end heatsink heatpipes are usually soldered on one row. Therefore the heat absorption capacity of the outer heatpipe will be negatively affected when there are more than 5 heatpipes.

To solve this problem a special array of heatpipes was used on GX-7 to take full advantage of all 7 6mm heatpipe heat transfer capacity. On GX-7 two heatpipes were soldered on top of three middle heatpipes.


Traditional heatpipe arrangement


Unique heatpipe arrangement on GX-7 to take full advantage of all 7 heatpipe


Air Flow Concept:

The fins in the middle part of the heatsink of GX-7 were designed in a V-shape. This allows the cooling air to reach the heatsink module more evenly. Thanks to some openings inside of the heatsink and near the heatpipes let fresh-air flows in from the top and the bottom to zones normally poorly ventilated and eliminates the creation of hotspots from building. The unique heatsink shape supports dual fans.




Besides the multi-award winning high performance GC-2 thermal compound ddditionally mounting clips for AMD AM2/ AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1 and Intel 775, 1366, 1155, 1156 sockets and back plates for Intel LGA 775, Core i5 and Core i7 boards are all included.



冷卻器符合 RoHS 和 WEEE 標準,並提供 3 年保修。 Please have a look at the installation manual and height restriction drawing.


MSRP: USD 70 / Euro 45

December / 2012: Razorman

"El perfil en V del disipador es una característica que a tenor de los resultados que hemos obtenido, nos ha gustado la terminación con la tapa negra de plástico del cuerpo del disipador, dando un aire muy elegante al cooler visto desde una caja con ventana lateral transparente. La calidad de materiales no es merecedor del más mínimo reproche, materiales adecuados y calidad de fabricación a una gran altura, recordemos que estamos hablando ya de un cooler que prácticamente cuesta 50 Euros, por lo que debemos esperar una gran calidad de materiales y fabricacion. Las prestaciones que ofrece este cooler GELID GX-7 han sido realmente muy buenas, se ha permitido batir a todo un NOCTUA NC H-14, lo cual dice mucho de su excelente prestación para refrigerar, en este aspecto ha resultado excelente. Destacamos también el muy buen hacer del ventilador Gelid Wing 12 PC, que realiza su función excelentemente bien y con un sonido realmente muy contenido."

December / 2012: eteknix.com

"The Gelid GX-7 costs a mere £33 in the United Kingdom. When you consider you are getting a LED 120mm fan, a very nice heatsink and a healthy 7 heat pipes, it dawns on you just how well priced this cooler is. The Respire T40 which costs about 10% more actually only has 4 heat pipes. I expect if you were to add a second fan to the GX-7 then performance would scale much better than some of its competitors due to how much cooling potential this cooler has. The Gelid Solutions GX-7 does possess a few drawbacks that are necessary to consider. Firstly, the fan clips are incredibly tricky to use and mount – this can be very frustrating even at the best of times but once fitted they are secure and do the job they are meant to. Secondly, the Gelid GX-7 obstructs the first RAM slot on an LGA 1155 socket motherboard so you will not be able to use four high profile RAM modules in your system – only a pair in slots 2 and 4. Finally, the mounting kit is not exactly my favourite. I have tried and tested many other coolers and I have got to say this is one of the more tricky and time consuming mounting kits on the market. We really liked the Gelid Solutions GX-7 as it offers a great deal of performance for your money. The acoustic performance is really good too and the aesthetics of the product are very robust and suitable for a lot of gamer cases on the market. In fact it is sensible to look at this as a cheaper and slightly worse performing alternative to the Sapphire Vapor-X CPU cooler which now costs £60 (having risen from just under £50 since its launch), so if you consider this costs half the price and only sacrifices 4 degrees in performance then it is actually really good. Gelid also deserve praise for including an additional set of fan clips and bundling some genuinely-high-performance GC2 thermal paste, most other manufacturers opt for a small amount of a really quite rubbish unbranded thermal paste."

December / 2012: Frostbyte-reviews

"Overall the GX-7 is a very impressive bit of kit, it may not look the greatest but when you get results like the ones we got it doesn’t even matter. Like we said, we have tested closed loop water cooling solutions that produce about the same results, so to get this from a single fan air cooler is really impressive, and just goes to show you how much effort and work has gone into the building and production of the GX-7. We would really be interested to see what results are produced if we set the GX-7 up with a push pull configuration, or wouldn’t it make too much difference ? Something we hope to find out soon. But overall if your looking for an Air cooling solution that is able to keep your machine cool enough and not break the bank whilst doing so the GX-7 is defiantly worth a look!"

November / 2012: PC-helpforum.be

"We zijn erg tevreden over de Gelid GX-7. De koeler biedt behoorlijke prestaties voor weinig geld, en kan zeker eschouwd worden als een topper. Het unieke ontwerp van de heatpipes en de functionaliteit van de ventilator maken de koeler uniek. Iets jammer van de wat hoge geluidsproductie op maximale snelheid, hoewel daar zeker een mouw aan te passen is. De adviesprijs van €45 valt zeker mee voor een tower-koeler als deze. We belonen de GX-7 dan ook graag met onze ‘Performance’ Award."

October / 2012: Tecnogaming Hardware

"Llegamos a la parte final de este artículo con una experiencia gratificante en analizar el cooler de Gelid acompañado por un segundo fan y pastas térmicas que resultaron importantes a la hora de acompañar a la estrella en cuestión. Compatible con casi todas las plataformas de PC existentes, el GX-7 en su revisión 2 presenta un diseño atrayente por donde se lo mire de fácil instalación dado que tenemos todas las herramientas y accesorios necesarios para realizar con éxito y de forma cómoda dicha tarea. Su base de cobre con sus potentes heatpipes demuestran en contundencia el excelente rendimiento del que pudimos presenciar con temperaturas de trabajo más que aceptables donde tampoco podemos dejar de lado la inclusión del fan Wing 12 PL Blue (con led y aspas reactivas a la luz UV) que proporciona baja sonoridad de trabajo y a su vez un grado estético muy llamativo. Si sumamos otro (ya que lo permite el cooler) podemos sumar rendimiento extra sin ocupar demasiado espacio."

August / 2012: Overclocking-TV

"GELID Solutions es una compañía un tanto nueva y disonante para todos los que vivimos en Latino-América sin embargo queda en evidencia que podemos confiar en la calidad ofertada por esta compañía. Ahora bien, el GX7 Rev.2 aparentaba ser un CPU cooler débil y flojo dada su apariencia escuálida, no obstante fue capaz de pelear grado a grado con otros de mayor presencia y solidez para impresionarnos con el rendimiento y la calidad de sus componentes."

March / 2012: Modding.fe

"Le GELID GX-7 est l’un des ventirads les plus performants dans ce segment de produit. Il s’oriente clairement vers un public de gamers. Son ventilateur LED PWM peut à lui seul assurer le refroidissement du CPU, l’ajout d’un deuxième ventilateur reste optionnel surtout si vous avez un ventilateur de boitier en extraction pas loin derrière. Si vous êtes un modder à la recherche d’une solution de refroidissement qui offre des performances et de l’éclairage, ne cherchez pas plus loin, le GELID GX-7 est fait pour vous.  L’installation se fait simplement mais veillez tout de même à bien suivre le petit guide pour ne pas sauter une étape. Le Gx-7 étant un modèle fin par rapport à ses concurrents vous garderez l’accès à tous vos slots de RAM. Aux environs de 50 euros le GELID GX-7 est donc une bonne affaire."

March / 2012: Mega-labs.com

"Overall, we were very satisfied with the GX-7's performance. It achieved great performance combined with acceptable levels of noise generated. It managed to beat other more popular CPU coolers, while not being far from proven CPU coolers like Noctua's NH-D14 in terms of performance. The LED embedded in the fan will make your system look more attractive at night and it is a nice addition. In the package you will find everything you will possibly need concerning the installation of the package, which is very easy to perform. Of course, the only drawback we could find is that you will have to buy the second fan separately, but this is acceptable since the price is kept low. To sum up, this is surely a cooler to consider if you want to overclock your system, as it offers great performance and quiet operation, at a budget price."

February / 2012: Skratchwiz.com

"The GX-7 put up a good fight considering that it is only a single tower heatsink, proving the arrangement of the seven heatpipes did make a difference in dissipating the heat from the CPU. The downside was the noise of the fan when running at 1800rpm. It was extremely loud and adding a second fan it just didn’t bare thing about. However, reducing the rpm and using the Asus AI Suite software to control the PWM fan was utter bliss. The fan was almost noiseless and with the PWM controls taking care of the rpm; even at 1400rpm it was still very quiet. And with the fans rpm reduced the GX-7 still managed to cool our i5 2500k with only a 2-3 degrees C increase at 4.7Ghz. The GX-7 is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to have a large twin tower heatsink in your rig. And with it been £35 less than the Noctua NH-D14 you’re getting great value and performance."

January / 2012: Elitepcreviews.com

"For me testing the Gelid GX-7 was an amazing experience. I wasn't expecting the results I received with such a small cooler. Yes it is a tower cooler but it still feels small , and doesn't weigh much compared to a lot of coolers on the market today, and the cooling capacity is just astounding. The stacked heatpipes could be something I see other manufacturers doing in the future, after seeing what Gelid has come up with here. This sort of cooler is the type that sets a trend in a market and instantly becomes a hit for any enthusiast wanting the next best thing in there PC. Gelid Solutions has long been an innovator since it conception and I think they have what they were always working so hard for right here in the GX-7. This cooler has found a home in one of my personal PC's and I don't see anything taking it's place in the future."

January / 2012: Bamfas.com

"At $69.99 the GELID GX-7 is a solid performer, at idle temps the cooler runs a little higher than the competition but when then the pressure is on it matches up against top coolers in the field around the same price. The perk with the GX-7 is the gamer focus of the cooler with the LED PWM fan that really is super bright in the case, it saves users from having to invest in a new fan for another brand and essentially shelve the packaged fan. If you’re a modder looking for an all-in-one CPU cooler that delivers performance and lighting then look no further than the GELID GX-7. You get a bit of everything with the cooler, design, lighting, performance and a simpler installation system. I do feel that some might find the design of the mounting system itself to be a huge plus over other installations, be sure to follow the guidelines packaged with the cooler so you don’t install the washers on the wrong side though. With GELID looking to expand in 2012 the enthusiast market certainly has something to look forward to. If you plan on investing in the GX-7 I would say do yourself a favor and get the Wing 12PL to go with it and take up those 3-4c off in temps."

December / 2011: Almodi.org

"Кулер GELID GX-7 показал сильную зависимость от скорости вращения устанавливаемых вентиляторов. Если требуется обеспечить эффективное охлаждение процессора в разгоне, то придется смириться с высоким уровнем шума, хотя в процессе игры он может стать незаметным на фоне работы остальных компонентов."

November / 2011: CPU

"The innovations delivered results too, as the GX-7 delivered the lowest temperatures among the air coolers in our roundup."

November / 2011: Ccreviews.eu

• Very good cooling performance. Use this cooler for high overclocking
• double layer heatpipe design
• quite an easy installation
• the design is great and the included fan looks amazing
"The Blue fan looks awesome. It's quite bright though, take that into consideration if you're thinking about using it in your system and you want to play with the lights inside your case."

November / 2011: Xtremecomputing.com

"The Gelid GX-7 came with great expectations and has delivered on build quality, design and looks. The one part where it does not quite become king is the most important; performance, however this is marginal – it is slightly behind the 70% more expensive Noctua. As such, for the price, the GX-7 is a clear choice for anyone looking for a decent cooler for a reasonable price. A good solid performer when you think about the price. The slick design is a bonus, and will look good in most side-windows, I can’t say much except the performance to price is spot on and it is well worth taking a look at the GX-7 if your budget is restricted."

November / 2011: Xbitlabs.com

" I believe it is its universal design, relatively simple installation procedure, reliable retention, low noise at up to 1100 RPM and attractive LED highlighting of the fan. If you care a lot about all these features, you are satisfied with GX-7’s cooling efficiency and are ready to invest $70 in it, then the new GELID GX-7 will definitely find a way into your system one day."

November / 2011: Overclockingstation.de

"GELID Solutions ist ein guter Einstieg in die Kühler Szene gelungen. Der GX-7 weis optisch, sowie leistungstechnisch zu überzeugen. Die Verarbeitung ist auf sehr hohem Niveau und der Kunststoffdeckel ein echter Hingucker. Der Lieferumfang ist ausreichend und der mitgelieferte Lüfter (Wing 12 PL Blue Fan) spielt auf sehr hohem Niveau. Er weis nicht nur durch Lautstärke und Potenzial, sondern auch durch die LED- Beleuchtung zu gefallen. Alles in allem kann man abschließend sagen, dass Gelid mit dem GX-7 ein solides Gesamtpaket liefert und eine sehr gute Qualität bei einem fairen Preis von ~40€ bietet."

November / 2011: Frostytech.com

""GELID Solutions GX-7 heatsink was next tested with a 85W heat load, resulting in a low 12.7°C rise over ambient temperature at stock fan speed and 19.4°C over ambient at reduced fan speed. When stressed with the 150W heat load, Gelid's GX-7 heatsink yields good thermal performance on both AMD and Intel test platforms, but it is not able to dominate on the thermal or acoustic fronts. Bottom line, Gelid Solutions have produced a moderately audible heatsink with good thermal performance."

November / 2011: Infobit.pl

"Gelid GX-7 nie jest łatwo dostępnym produktem na polskim rynku. Jeśli już go dostaniemy, to przyjdzie nam zapłacić za ten cooler około 200 zł, co nie jest małą kwotą. Czy warto? Jego wydajność jest zbliżona do Xigmateka Gaia oraz SilentiumPC Fery, czyli chłodzeń, które można nabyć za połowę ceny testowanego produktu. Jednak w przypadku Gelida GX-7 w zestawie z radiatorem dostajemy wysokiej klasy wentylator podświetlany niebieskimi ledami. Wyposażono go w bardzo dobre łożysko i jest dość cichy. Głównym zamysłem producenta był wygląd całości i w tym zakresie spisał się na medal. Wspomniany wyżej wentylator emituje przyjemne światło, co dla osób lubiących tego typu gadżety będzie sporym plusem. Sam radiator jest poniklowany, co tworzy bardzo ładny efekt wizualny. Powróćmy zatem do głównego pytania. Czy warto? To zależy. Jeśli liczy się tylko wydajność, to chyba nie do końca. Natomiast jeśli w grę wchodzi również design, to sprawa ma się całkiem inaczej. Gelid GX-7 znacząco wyróżnia się pod tym względem na tle wcześniej wspomnianych chłodzeń (Gaia i Fera). Dla estety i maniaka „świecidełek” recenzowany cooler będzie dobrym wyborem. Dorzucenie drugiego wentylatora pozwoli na „urwanie” dodatkowych 2°C, a przy niskich obrotach nie doda hałasu. Coolerowi Gelid GX-7 przyznajemy wyróżnienie „jakość” za solidność i estetykę wykonania."

Oktober / 2011: Hardbloxx.de

"Der Gelid GX-7 ist ein Geniestreich des Kühlerherstellers. Gelid wollte auf dem Gamingmarkt mitwirken und kann dies mit dem GX-7 auch durchsetzen. Die Verarbeitung stimmt in allen Punkten und auch die Techniken sind gut durchdacht. Zusammen mit dem Wing 12 PL bildet der Kühler eine perfekte Einheit. Aufgrund der stylischen blauen LEDs wird der GX-7 sogar Moddingfans gefallen, da dunkelblaue LEDs eher selten sind. Nur die Lautstärke unter 12-Volt könnte noch etwas verfeinert werden, da es sich hierbei wirklich um einen Störenfried handelt. Mit 7-Volt und 5-Volt geht der GX-7 jedoch auch für Silent-Fans in Ordnung und schnürt das Paket zudem noch mit guter Kühlleistung. Doch eine große Bitte haben wir dennoch an Gelid: Überdenkt Euer Montagesystem. In dieser Preisklasse sollte es etwas einfacher von der Hand gehen und auf unnötigen Krafteinsatz verzichten. Trotzdem: Mit dem GX-7 steigt Gelid in einen stark umkämpften Markt ein und zeigt der Konkurrenz bereits mit dem ersten High-End Produkt die kalte Schulter. Für einen aktuellen Preis von 45€ hat der GX-7 sogar unseren Preis-Leistungs-Award verdient. Amazon listet den Kühler bereits ab 42€."

October / 2011: .Topreviewshop.com

"The GELID GX-7 offers a flexible design utilizing 1 or 2 fans as well as horizontal or vertical installation options. The fan is quite attractive out of the box, and a matching second fan was definitely eye-pleasing even with minimal performance improvements. Overall there is a lot to like about this cooler. Installation wasn't bad, it definitely catches your eye visually and it performs well. Currently the GELID GX-7 sells for around $70 and so this cooler is not exactly in the budget category, but it will be sure to keep your CPU cool and your visual appeal hot."

October / 2011: Pro-clockers.com

"I have never had any doubts from any Gelid products I have tested in the past but I was surprised at the performance of the GX-7. Why? Because if you take in consideration of all the new coolers currently on the market, most weigh well over 800 grams, restrict you from using all four of your DIMM and or considered pricey by many. Well, the Gelid GX-7 definitely does not fit in one of these categories. The GX-7 comes into the fold weighting a mere 720 grams which is considered a lightweight when talking about today’s top coolers.  Adding in an additional fan added some ounces to the total weight of the cooler but still keeps it over the 800 gram range. Performance is well within range of being considered good. The GX-7 did well against many other coolers within the same class. And this included coolers from Cooler Master and Scythe. The GX-7 did excel when you add a second fan to the dropping the temps about two degrees. And if you want to take things one step further. Not included in the charts above are temps using the Gelid GC-Extreme which dropped the temps another degree performing better than the Arctic Silver 5 we test all our CPU coolers with. Price for the Gelid GX-7 is hovering around the $65 area."

Oktober / 2011: Gamezoom.net

"Der neue GX-7 bietet ein faires Preis-/ Leistungsverhältnis. GELID Solutions neustes Werk bietet eine sehr gute Kühlleistung, ein sicheres Montagesystem und eine hochwertige Verarbeitungsqualität. Beim Lüfter hätte man auf ein etwas leiseres Modell setzen sollen. Trotz dieses kleinen Mankos können wir eine klare Kaufempfehlung für den GX-7 Kühler aussprechen."

October/ 2011: Fudzilla.com

"GELID Solutions was founded in 2008 and this relatively new company still focuses on cooling solutions. So far, we had a chance to test several Gelid’s CPU coolers but the GX-7 exceeded all our expectations. The GX-7 climbed to the top of the table, proving that the innovative seven heatpipe design was right on the money. The GX-7’s heatsink seems a bit futuristic but it’s designed in a way to allow for unobstructed airflow around the heatpipes. Good news is that the GX-7 comes with the very efficient Wing 12 PL fan with four blue LEDs that glow more at higher rpm. The Wing 12 PL spins between 600 and 1800rpm, meaning that it can be very quiet as well as loud depending on the aforementioned rpm. The results clearly show that GELID Solutions did a great job and the GX-7 can proudly sit among its high-end competitors. The GX-7 is available at €45 here."

October / 2011: Profesionalreview.com

"El disipador Gelid GX-7 nos ha sorprendido por su capacidad de disipación de único cuerpo. Viene equipado con un fantástico ventilador Wing PL12 con leds azules UV, aunque siempre podemos instalar un segundo. Como hemos visto el Gelid GX-7 es un disipador fabricado para un  Overclock moderado, pero si añadimos un segundo ventilador es capaz de competir contra disipadores de doble cuerpo. Sus resultados son muy buenos con un Intel 2600k@4800mhz: 75º C con Linx y 72ºC Prime95. Los ventiladores han trabajado a 12v sin ningún tipo de ruido, gracias a sus rodamientos  Nanoxflux. Entre sus accesorios adjunta pasta térmica GC-Extreme, kit para la instalación de socket Intel y AMD, clips para la instalación de un 2º ventilador. Si estás buscando un disipador con una bonita estética azul y un excelente rendimiento el Gelid GX-7 debe ser el elegido. Su precio recomendado es de 45€."

October / 2011: DVTests.com

"Охладителят предлага чудесна производителност, съчетана с интересна визия, иновативна структура и ефективна работа при ниско ниво на шума."

October / 2011: Techno-kitchen.com

"В сравнении с другими кулерами Gelid GX-7 смотрится весьма достойно. Он практически догнал двух-секцонный Скайт Майн 2 и обошел более дорогой по цене Thermaltake Frio OCK."

September / 2011: Hwmaster.com

"Il Gelid GX-7 è un dissipatore di fascia medio-alta bi-ventola con un prezzo di lancio di circa 45€, tuttavia non è disponibile per la vendita in Italia. Durante i test abbiamo visto che se la cava egregiamente in ogni occasione e ha retto tranquillamente una frequenza di 5Ghz senza nessun problema. Per quanto riguarda la confezione gelid ha fatto un ottimo lavoro, è abbastanza solida e il bundle è ricco di materiale. L’installazione è stata abbastanza facile, abbiamo impiegato 4 minuti a installare il dissipatore. Anche con la ventola installata il dissipatore non compre gli slot della ram sulla motherboard e questa è un’ottima features segno che l’azienda non ha lasciato nulla al caso."

September / 2011: Insidehardware.it

"GELID è in costante crescita, e vedendo prodotti come il GX-7 non è difficile capire il perché .  il dissipatore ha delle più che buone prestazioni, che diventano addirittura eccellenti, nel momento in cui viene aggiunta una seconda  Wing 12PL, e utilizzata la pasta termica GX Extreme. La qualità è ottima, e la cura dei dettagli  superiore a molti prodotti concorrenti,  e cosa ancor più degna di plauso, difficilmente è possibile trovare un livello medio così elevato sotto tutti gli aspetti. Il gelid GX7 si dimostra competitivo  e agguerrito nei confronti della concorrenza, coniugando soluzioni di rilievo, un’estetica piacevole, un bundle completo e delle prestazioni  ai vertici della sua fascia di prezzo (49€). A volergli trovare un difetto, attualmente non supporta l’imminente socket 2011 di Intel, ma siamo fiduciosi di un refresh  da parte del produttore, comprendendo comunque, che gran parte dell’utenza, non si preoccuperà di questa mancanza."

September / 2011: Bytheway.gr

"Η GX -7 σίγουρα δεν φαίνεται ώς μάζα τόσο εντυπωσιακή όσο ορισμένες high-end ψύκτρες που υπάρχουν έξω στην αγορά. Το μόνο σίγουρο είναι ότι πρόκειται για μια φανταστική ψύκτρα με αυτές τις εξαιρετικές επιδόσεις που θα μπορούσαμε εύκολα να πούμε ότι είναι μια από τις καλύτερες ψύκτρες επεξεργαστή που έχουμε δοκιμάσει μέχρι σήμερα. Κατάφερε να ξεπεράσει κολοσσούς όπως η Noctua NH-C14. Η τιμή της είναι γύρω στα 45 Euro ,που είναι απολύτως λογική για την ποιοτητά της.Επιπλέον έρχεται με ενα υψηλής ποιότητας PWM ανεμιστήρα που βοηθά να κερδίσει σε επιδόσεις και χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες. Λόγω του μεγέθους της ,που κρίνεται λογικό, θα συστήναμε ιδιαίτερα αυτή την ψύκτρα-πύργο για σας που έχετε κάποιο πρόβλημα με το πλάτος του κουτιού του υπολογιστή σας. Θεωρούμε ότι το πιο κοντινό πράγμα που ο ανταγωνισμός έχει στην GX -7 αυτή τη στιγμή είναι μόνο η υδρόψυξη και κάποιες ελάχιστες άλλες high end ψύκτρες ,οι οποίες είναι σήμερα σε υψηλές τιμές. Σε γενικές γραμμές μπορούμε να πούμε σίγουρα ότι η GELID GX -7 είναι μια ψύκτρα που πρέπει να έχει κάθε οverclocker χρήστης που σέβεται τον εαυτό του."

September / 2011: Dreamwarecomputers.com

"The GX-7 really hits all the right notes when it comes to a competitive CPU cooler. First, the cooler performs extremely well. In the idle and stress tests, the GX-7 came out on top. Secondly, the option for a two fan push-pull configuration is a very welcomed feature that helps the GX-7 tangle with the big boys. Lastly, the GX-7 doesn’t produce much noise. It is audible at full blast with two fans going, but not in a very distracting or annoying way. It hits a sweet spot between performance and noise. The other great thing about the GX-7 is its price. With the ability to support two fans and perform the way it does, you would expect the Gx-7 to come in at around $80 US dollars. However, it does not. The suggested price is $65 USD making it a very tempting option in the CPU cooler market. The Gelid GX-7 really hits all the marks that make a CPU cooler great and does so without breaking a sweat."

September / 2011: CPU

"In Prime 95, the GX-7 delivered a maximum temperature of 55 C, which was within 5 to 7 degrees of the closed-loop liquid-coolers in the roundup. It registered 53 C in POV-Ray Beta and 46 C in Orthos. Idle temps were 38 C. All in all, the GELID Solutions GX-7 is a solid option for overclockers looking for a high-end air cooler."

September / 2011: e-zone DIY

"e-zone DIY利用Core i7 965 處理器進行加壓超頻,發現Gelid solutions GX-7散熱效能突出,即使面對Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme,前者仍具備不少優勢。"

September / 2011: Octeamdenmark.com

"GELID Solutions har helt klart fat i noget af det rigtige, ved at ændre på hvordan Heatpipes-teknologien skal kringles. Ved at lægge 2 af dem oven på de andre, er det lykkedes rigtig godt at få ført mere varme væk end hvad jeg normalt har set ved andre kølere. Wing blæserne ligger i samme klasse som Sliverstones og Noctua.
Ydelse: 4.5/5, Design: 4/5, Innovation: 5/5, Pris: 4/5, OCTdk: 4/5"

September / 2011: Pcmhz.com

"GELID GX-7 s-a comportat peste aşteptările noastre, dovedind că o proiectare atentă, materiale şi asamblare de calitate precum şi câteva idei mici dar noi pot aduce încă surprize în sectorul răcirii pe aer unde de ceva vreme producătorii cu renume au cam ajuns la limită recurgând la tot felul de supra-dimensionări şi briz-brizuri. Chiar dacă nu se poate spune că este un candidat ideal pentru pasionaţii de overclocking extrem, GX-7 cu al său preţ de aproximativ 45 Euro este o alegere ideală pentru majoritatea utilizatorilor şi configuraţiilor. Un plus la capitolul estetică este adus şi de ventilatorul iluminat cu LED, forma radiatorului imprimând o iluminare distinctă, fără să cadă în kitch. Cu speranţa că în cele din urmă vom avea şi pe piaţa de la noi acest cooler şi restul produselor din portofoliul GELID (atunci când vreun distribuitor local se va decide că utilizatorii de aici merită astfel de soluţii), nu ne rămâne decât să închidem acest review spunând sincer că vom recomanda modelul GX-7 oricărui utilizator aflat în căutarea unei soluţii de răcire performante, silenţioase şi de calitate."

September / 2011: Freeocen.de

"Der Kühler Überzeugt durch seine sehr gute Leistung, nahezu geräuschlosen Lüfter, ausgezeichnete Verarbeitung und ansprechende Optik. Der Kühler ist auf Grund seiner Größe nicht für hohe RAM-Module geeignet. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist Überdurchschnittlich gut. Wir empfehlen allerdings einen Zweitlüfter zur Leistungssteigerung einzubauen."

September / 2011: Foorum.hinnavaatlus.ee

- Seitse kuumustoru
- Jahutab hästi
- Vaikne madalatel pööretel
- Termopasta kaasas
- Välimus
- Võimalik paigaldada kuni 2 ventilaatorit
aljud socket'id toetatud
- Nikliga kaetud kuumustorud

- Ventilaator teeb palju müra täispööretel
- Teise ventilaatori peab ise juurde ostma


September / 2011: Whitexx-Modd.de

"Gelid Solutions bringt mit dem GX-7 einen ausgezeichneten CPU-Kühler auf den Markt, welcher der Konkurrenz durchaus die Stirn bieten kann. Das Design ist einmalig, die Temperaturen in den Tests waren sehr gut. Zudem überzeugt der GX-7 durch sein geringes Gewicht sowie seine Größe, denn er lässt genug Platz für die restlichen Hardwarekomponenten. Außerdem bringt er mit dem Wing 12 PL Blue einen atemberaubenden, blauen Leuchteffekt mit in das Gehäuse, denn es kommt nicht gerade häufig vor, dass ein Prozessorkühler von Haus aus mit einem LED-Lüfter ausgestattet ist. Das Zubehör ist reichhaltig, die Montage sehr leicht. Für einen Preis von 45 € wird der Gelid GX-7 bald im Handel erhältlich sein – das macht ihn für uns zum ganz klaren Preis/Leistungssieger! "

September / 2011: VR-zone.com

Quality: We found the quality of the GX-7 to be more than adequate, although there is some room for improvements. The body of the cooler itself is very well made and strong, without any significant manufacturing defects, yet we would prefer it if the four corners of the cooling fins were not as sharp. Perhaps it is because we receive an engineering sample but the four edges of the cooling fins of the sample we received would easily pierce skin with the slightest sign of pressure. We can only suggest caution while handling this cooler. Furthermore, we found the base of the cooler very smooth and well made but a large percentage of enthusiasts would argue about it not having a good mirror finish, even though it has little to do with the actual performance of any cooler. Quality Score 8.5/10

Performance: We certainly did not expect to see the medium sized Gelid GX-7 at the top of our chart, even while using an aftermarket thermal compound. The cooler certainly performed significantly better when we used the GC Extreme thermal grease but it is only fair that we compare its performance against other coolers only while we were using the supplied GC-2 thermal compound. Still, even while using the supplied thermal compound, the Gelid GX-7 manages to outperform much larger competitive products and easily competes with some of the best coolers currently available. Its Wing 12PL fan is certainly audible while rotating at 1800RPM but it actually is quieter than other fans running at speeds close to that, meaning that Gelid’s noise reduction techniques really paid off. Performance Score 9.5/10

Aesthetics: While the main body of the GX-7 looks like any other tower cooler, the plastic top cover and the blue LED Wing 12PL fan do give a very unique look to this product. We found the Gelid GX-7 to be very well aesthetically balanced; fancy enough to easily draw attention but without overdoing it and end up looking kitschy. Aesthetics Score 9.0/10

Value: The MSRP suggested by Gelid for the GX-7 cooler is 65 USD / 45 Euro, which does not make it a cheap cooler but the price seems fair; especially when considering that the Gelid GX-7 cooler ships with a Wing 12PL cooling fan included. Value Score 9.0/10

August / 2011: HKEPC

"配合 WING 12 PL BLUE LED 風扇的配置,GX-7 散熱器在高階散熱器中甚有競爭力,可說是理想之選。"

Air Flow (CFM / CMH): 75.6 / 128.6
Bearing: Nanoflux Bearing
Cable Length (mm): 500
Current (A): 0.45
DC Voltage (V): 12
Fan Dimensions (mm): 120 (l) x 120 (w) x 25 (h)
Fan Speed (RPM): 600 – 1800
Heat Sink Dimensions (mm): 130(l) x 65 (w) x 159 (h)
LED Color: Blue
Life time MTTF at 40C (h): 100’000
Noise Level (dBA): 10 – 26.8
Number of LED: 4
Static Pressure (mmAq): 2.66
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (g): 720 (heatsink and fan)