SKU: CC-SSilence-775
  • 1U 冷卻器高度(28 毫米)
  • 高性能熱管
  • 靜音PWM風扇
  • 滾珠軸承
  • 高氣流


Slim Silence 775 (CC-SSilence-775)



Intel Socket: 775

CPU: Conroe-L with TDP of 35W, E series Celeron with TDP up to 65W with good case ventilation, Dual – Core with TDP up to 65W with good case ventilation, Core 2 Duo with TDP up to 65W with good case ventilation

支援主板類型: 迷你 ITX, 微型 ATX, ATX






Compact Heatsink Design for Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX*, HTPC, Pannel PC, Car PC & 1U server
最大散熱器高度為 28 毫米,僅適合大多數纖薄的薄型機箱,而不會與機箱發生任何衝突。


High-Quality Sintered Heatpipe
Enables more efficient & quicker heat transfer from core to aluminium fins.


Optimized Fan Design with PWM Controlled Fan


August / 2009:

"GELID Solutions once more impressed me, I never expected from a so short cooler to perform better than the intel stock. A reduction of 2 degrees might not sound impressive, but it actually is. This cooler has been designed for use at mini-ITX systems with very restricted space so it was very pleasant to have also better performance! Noise levels are inaudible at low fan speed, but when it spins at higher speed it can be heard. But since it is a cooler for mini-ITX systems and HTPC this will not happen. Its desing also allows the components near the processor to be cooled from the airflow generated by the cooler. Therefore the Slim Silence 775 is given the "Recommended" award because it is one of the best performing ultra slim cpu coolers in the market and the quality is very high." 

July / 2009:

"Στην συνέχεια είδαμε μια ψυκτρα με την ονομασία Silent Spirit και την συγκρίναμε με μια άλλη ψύκτρα, η οποία ειχε και αυτή 9mm ανεμιστήρα. Η ψυκτρα της Gelid νίκησε με διάφορα αλλά υπάρχει ένα θέμα με την τιμή της. Κατά την γνώμη μας πλέον με 27-30 ευρώ παίρνει πολύ καλές ψυκτρες σε διάφορα μεγέθη που υπάρχουν."

May / 2009:

"The GELID's Slim Silence 775 will impress, measuring up at a miniature 28mm. However, the Slim Silence is a very different cooler to others and uses a unique design to keep the CPU cool despite its petite height. Slim Silence is fitted with a 4-pin PWM cable, allowing the cooler to self regulate its fan speed to find a decent compromise between cooling and noise, a vital inclusion especially for those who’d want to use these coolers in HTPCs. In the end your choice when it comes to a low profile cooler will be mostly decided by the space requirements that have made you opt for a low profile cooler in the first place. If there really is almost no available headroom above a northbridge, then the GELID Slim Silence 775 is the best option, coming close to the stock cooler’s performance both thermal and acoustically and reasonably priced at around £17. 7/10"

Please download manual here.

*Included: Pre-applied high performance GC-2 thermal compound
Air Flow (CFM/CMH): 21.0 max
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Cable Length (mm): 250
Current (A): 0.2
DC Voltage (V): 12
Fan Dimensions (mm): 75 (dia) x 15 (h)
Fan Speed (+/- 10% ) (RPM): 1100 – 2300
Heat Sink with Fan Dimensions (mm): 95 (l) x 93.5 (w) x 28 (h)
Life time MTTF at 40C (h): 50’000
Noise Level (dBA): 15 – 24.5
Static Pressure (mmAq): 1.4
Warranty (years): 5
Weight (g): 286