Gelid 解決方案 GP-至尊 120×120 導熱墊


  • 極限導熱性
  • 放大尺寸
  • 非導電
  • 無腐蝕性,非固化和無毒
  • 除此之外,GP-Extreme 可確保輕鬆應用,120×120 mm 的散熱墊尺寸非常適合 GPU、筆記型電腦、遊戲機和其他密集設備的超大 PCB 表面。



GP-至尊 120×120 導熱墊系列




0.5毫米 (TP-GP01-S-A), 1.0毫米 (TP-GP01-S-B), 1.5毫米 (TP-GP01-S-C), 2.0毫米 (TP-GP01-S-D), 2.5毫米 (TP-GP01-S-F) 3.0毫米 (TP-GP01-S-E)


GP-Extreme 120×120熱墊旨在提供完美的熱介面,當安裝在具有高度差和不平坦表面的PCB上時,可將熱量傳遞到散熱器,例如微控制器單元,記憶體IC,類比IC,MOSFET 和其他貼片元件。 由於其柔軟性和終極導熱性,GP-Extreme可以適當地填充空間,並提供同類產品中的最佳性能。


GP-至尊版 120x120



Density (g/cm3): 2.8
Hardness (Shore): 65 OO
Size (mm): 120 x 120
  • What are Thermal Pads?

Thermal Pad, or Thermally Conductive Pad, is a pre-formed sheet of solid material made of a wax, silicone or synthetic matrix that is filled with a composition of thermally conductive microparticles and engineered to conduct heat efficiently from a high-temperature surface to heatsink installed onto it. Once placed pad in between, it softens, fills the surface gaps and boosts heat transfer.

  • Where are Thermal Pads used?

General applications: Motherboard VRM, Motherboard Chipset, SSD, DRAM ICs, GPU VRAM, GPU VRM, micro-controller units, MOSFETs and analog ICs.

  • Which thickness variant of GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate will fit my application?

It may vary significantly depending on the device that is supposed to be used with. Please refer to the device manual / instructions or reach out to us for more information.

  • Can Thermal Pads be reused?

Unfortunately not, you cannot reuse thermal pads.

  • Are Thermal Pads adhesive?

No, thermal pads are not adhesive. You will need a proper mounting to hold the thermal pad with a heatsink.

  • Can I stack Thermal Pads?

When using thermal pads, it’s not recommended that you stack one above the other. Doing so will create gaps between the pads and degrade heat transfer.

  • Are GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate compressible?

Yes, you can compress GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate by up to 30% of thickness with an adequate pressure of the heatsink mounts.

  • How long does GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate last?

GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate carries a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Are Thermal Pads electrically conductive?

Absolutely not! Thermal pads are non-electrically conductive.

  • Can I use GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate with a CPU heatsink?

Yes, you can. Although it’s advisable that you use GC-Extreme Thermal Paste for best performance in CPU applications.

  • Where can I find the W/mK specifications of GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate?

We don’t use the W/mK rating since it may vary depending on your application and doesn’t reflect real-world performance. Please consider the thinnest possible GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate variant in your application for efficient heat transfer and best performance.

GP-EXTREME 120x120