Gelid GP-終極 90 x 50 導熱墊帶主機板 VRM 散熱器


  • 極限導熱性
  • 非導電
  • 無腐蝕性、非固化、無毒
  • 申請簡單



Value Pack 0.5mm
Value Pack 1.0mm
Value Pack 1.5mm
Value Pack 2.0mm
Value Pack 3.0mm





單件包裝(包括 1 件): 0.5 毫米 (TP-GP04-A), 1.0 毫米 (TP-GP04-B), 1.5 毫米 (TP-GP04-C), 2 毫米 (TP-GP04-D), 3 毫米 (TP-GP04-E)
超值包裝 (包括 2 件): 0.5 毫米 (TP-VP04-A), 1.0 毫米 (TP-VP04-B), 1.5 毫米 (TP-VP04-C), 2 毫米 (TP-VP04-D), 3 毫米 (TP-VP04-E)


蓋利德終極版 設計用於在安裝在具有高度差和不平坦表面的PCB上時提供與散熱器的完美 熱接觸 ,例如功率MOSFET、晶元組、類比IC、微控制器單元和其他高溫SMD元件。 由於其增強的多層基體、卓越的材料成分和終極導熱性,GP-Ultimate 可以正確填充空間並提供同類產品中的最佳性能。


蓋利德終極版 不導電、無腐蝕性、無固化、無毒,支援擴展工作溫度範圍 -60°C 至 220°C。 它的特點很簡單 應用, 並具有 90x50mm 的散熱焊盤尺寸,最適合 GPU 卡、主機板、附加卡和任何其他密集包裝的電子設備的大型 PCB 表面。


GP-至尊版 120x120




EAN (單包):
(0.5 毫米):4897025782112
(1 毫米):4897025782198
(1.5 毫米):4897025782204
(2 毫米):4897025782211
(3 毫米):4897025782945


EAN (超值包):
(0.5 毫米):4897025782594
(1 毫米):4897025782600
(1.5 毫米):4897025782617
(2 毫米):4897025782624
(3 毫米):4897025782952 Award

January 2020:

"Les GP-ULIMATE ont prouvé leurs efficacités et leurs dimensions sont adaptées pour couvrir les besoins d’une carte graphique. Il est tout de même dommage qu’ils soient aussi friables alors que certaines autres marques proposent des produits beaucoup plus élastiques et résistants. Notre Mining Rig respire beaucoup mieux et aura une plus longue durée de vie grâce au GP-ULTMIATE et la pâte GC-EXTREME."

EnosTech Review

December 2019: Enos Tech

"The pricing of GELID Solutions GP-Extreme and GP-Ultimate starts at USD 5.33/EUR 4.80 and goes to USD 16/EUR 14.35 depending upon the thickness of the thermal pad in the respective product category. We have tested these thermal pads on Lexar NM610 M.2 NVMe 250GB SSD for which we cut the 0.5mm thermal pads from both categories to the size of M.2 SSD Type 2280. The GP-Extreme has provided a temperature drop of 17°C under load and GP-Ultimate has provided a temperature drop of whopping 21°C. The GELID Solutions GP-Extreme and GP-Ultra based on their excellent performance and relatively good pricing come highly recommended by us."


TechManiacHD, Dec 2022


Density (g/cm3): 3.2
Hardness (Shore): 60-70 OO
Size (mm): 90 x 50
  • What are Thermal Pads?

Thermal Pad, or Thermally Conductive Pad, is a pre-formed sheet of solid material made of a wax, silicone or synthetic matrix that is filled with a composition of thermally conductive microparticles and engineered to conduct heat efficiently from a high-temperature surface to heatsink installed onto it. Once placed pad in between, it softens, fills the surface gaps and boosts heat transfer.

  • Where are Thermal Pads used?

General applications: Motherboard VRM, Motherboard Chipset, SSD, DRAM ICs, GPU VRAM, GPU VRM, micro-controller units, MOSFETs and analog ICs.


  • Which thickness variant of GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate will fit my application?

It may vary significantly depending on the device that is supposed to be used with. Please refer to the device manual / instructions or reach out to us for more information.


  • Can Thermal Pads be reused?

Unfortunately not, you cannot reuse thermal pads.


  • Are Thermal Pads adhesive?

No, thermal pads are not adhesive. You will need a proper mounting to hold the thermal pad with a heatsink.

  • Can I stack Thermal Pads?

When using thermal pads, it’s not recommended that you stack one above the other. Doing so will create gaps between the pads and degrade heat transfer.

  • Are GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate compressible?

Yes, you can compress GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate by up to 30% of thickness with an adequate pressure of the heatsink mounts.


  • How long does GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate last?

GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate carries a 5 year limited warranty.


  • Are Thermal Pads electrically conductive?

Absolutely not! Thermal pads are non-electrically conductive.


  • Can I use GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate with a CPU heatsink?

Yes, you can. Although it’s advisable that you use GC-Extreme Thermal Paste for best performance in CPU applications.

  • Where can I find the W/mK specifications of GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate?

We don’t use the W/mK rating since it may vary depending on your application and doesn’t reflect real-world performance. Please consider the thinnest possible GP-Extreme / GP-Ultimate variant in your application for efficient heat transfer and best performance.