SKU: FN-FW12SlimBPL-16
  • Hydro-Dynamik-Lager
  • PWM-Steuerung
  • 4 Stück blaue LED-Leuchten
  • Geräuschloser Betrieb
  • Hoher Luftstrom
  • 3 Jahre Garantie


Slim 12 PL Blue (FN-FW12SlimBPL-16)
Leiser Slim 120mm PWM-Lüfter mit LED


Der Slim 12 PL Blue verfügt über ein einzigartiges Hydro-Dynamic-Lager, das einen leisen Betrieb und eine lange Lebensdauer gewährleistet. Wie bei der Slim 12 UV Blue ist der Impeller der Slim 12 PL Blue ebenfalls blau, verfügt aber über eine hochwertige PWM-Steuerung für einen Drehzahlbereich von 900-1600. Zusätzlich verfügt der Slim 12 PL Blue über 4 blaue LED-Leuchten und einen Ein/Aus-Schalter, der am Rahmen des Lüfters angebracht ist.

Ein/Aus-Schalter für die LED-Leuchten am Lüfterrahmen

4 Stück ultrahelle blaue LED-Leuchten

Obwohl beide Lüfter einen hohen Luftstrom erzeugen, sind sie sehr leise. Der Slim 12 PL Blue startet mit 7 Volt. Aufgrund der LED-Beleuchtung hat die Slim 12 PL Blue eine 3-jährige Garantie.

EAN: 4897025780682


*INKLUSIVE: 4 Schrauben
Luftstrom (CFM / CMH): 25 / 42.5 – 52.4/ 89.1
Lager: Hydro Dynamic Lager
Kabellänge (mm): 500
Anschluss: 4 Pin
Strom (A): 0.15 (max. 0.2)
Maße (mm): 120 x 120 x 15.8
Lüftergeschwindigkeit (U / min): 900 – 1500
Geräuschpegel (dBA): 12.3 – 25.4
Statischer Druck (mmH2O): 0.5 – 1.35
Spannung (V): 12
Garantie (Jahre): 3
Gewicht (g): 90

February / 2013: Dvtest

"Even though both of the fans look almost the same with very similar structure and appearance they perform in very differently. The first model is obviously made to work as a cpu cooler fan suitable for installing inside any HTPC or regular system because of its dimensions while the second model is working with wider voltage range and I believe more suitable for installing as a case fan. Apart from that, when both of the fans are working at 12V they are a very good choice for installing on bigger and smaller CPU coolers. Both of the fans were completely silent during the tests at 5, 7 and 9V and got a bit noisy at the tests conducted at 12V. I really loved seeing Gelid’s colour scheme offering black frame and light blue semi-transparent propeller with UV reactive layer with blue LEDs. Just wonderful combiantion especially when there is UV back light. They just glow like a star."

January / 2013: Xtremehardware

"In base ai test e all’analisi effettuata assegniamo il performance award."

December / 2012: Dreamware Computers
"The Slim 12 UV and Slim 12 PL are both highly affordable fans, with price tags of $11.99 and $14.99 CDN respectively. Although the Slim 12 PL has a slightly higher noise rating than the Slim 12 UV (which I observed was not noticeable to my ear), the small price tag between the two would make the Slim 12 PL my obvious choice. For only $3 more you're getting a sharp looking LED fan with controllable LED's (lighting not available on the UV model) as well as the ability to power the fan on a PWM controller either now, or in the future (can still be powered on a 3-pin header if PWM is unavailable). I was very pleased with the performance of both models though, and GELID has shown that it's possible to make a slim fan without sacrificing too much silence or overall performance. Now, I just wish the Slim 12 PL would have gotten that five year warranty too!"