Smart Charging Innovation for Your Smartphones & Tablets

  • 3D Tree Array Docking Surface
  • Silicone Skin Swappable Top Cover
  • Smart QC 3.0 Multi-Device Charging System
  • 60W Power Output
  • Seamless Cable Management

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Zentree Marble is made to orchestrate docking and charging easily. It provides a carefully designed docking surface, 3D Tree Array, which holds multiple mobile devices of different size and type.

The Smart QC 3.0 Multi-Device Charging System, a core part of Zentree Marble, auto-negotiates the output voltage from 3.6V to 12V in granular 0.2V steps while precisely adjusting the charging current as requested from your device. This technique guarantees the most efficient quick charging and extends battery lifespan.

Zentree Marble also provides one USB-PD port to support the latest high-wattage USB devices with up to 18W charging power. The combined 60W total power output facilitates charging for up to 4 power-hungry mobile devices such as iPad Pro or a 20000mAh powerbank all 4 at once.


ZENTREE Marble Charging Station x 1
Cable Holder x 2
Micro USB Cable (Charging Only) 40cm x 2
USB Type-C Cable (Charging Only) 40cm x 1
USB-PD Cable (Charging Only) 40cm x 1
AC Power Cord x 1
Silicon Skin Colour white x 1


Dimensions (mm): 224 x 159 x 95
Idle Power Consumption (W): 0.04
Max Output Current (A): 3 per Port (QC 3.0 & USB-PD modes)
Number of USB Ports: 4 (2x USB, 1x USB-C, 1x USB-PD)
Power Output (W): 60 (total)
Weight (g): 590

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