Right-handed and left-handed versions available

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Ergonomic Shape
Wireless 2.4G

Wireless 2.4G vertical mouse with elevated ergonomics and human-centered techniques.

APEX features the scientifically designed upright shape to level up your comfort and ergonomics while spending countless hours on computer. It helps keep your wrist in a natural handshake position which goes to minimize stress to muscles and reduce strain.

3 DPI Modes
Next/Prev Buttons

For high accuracy and enhanced productivity, APEX delivers precise optical tracking up to 1600 DPI that works on virtually any surface, even glass.

APEX also boasts optimal size and weight, anti-slide coating and Next/Previous navigation buttons to facilitate operation. All that makes it a perfect gear to assist in your day-to-day computing and gaming.

APEX is compatible with all major operating systems including Linux and macOS.


Battery: 2 AAA, not included
Buttons: Left/Right, Scrool Wheel, DPI, Next/Prev
Compatibility: Window 10/8/7/Vista/XP, macOS, Linux
Dimensions (mm): 125x75x65
Interface: Wireless 2.4G USB Receiver
Sensor: High Precision Optical Sensor 800/1200/1600 DPI
Warranty (years): 2
Weight (g): 95

Usage Tips:

1. Pull out the USB Receiver and insert it into a USB port on your computer.
2. Insert 2 AAA Type batteries (not included) in the battery compartment. Make sure the “+” and “-” ends are inserted correctly as indicated in the battery compartment.
3. Drag the On/Off Switch to On to turn the mouse on.

Get rid of fatigue and pain! Relax your wrist and forearm!

APEX Wireless Left-Handed

Model No: VM-01-B

APEX Wireless Right-Handed

Model No: VM-01

MSRP: 19.99 USD / 18.99 EUR

Feel true comfort while computing throughout your busy day!

“Se rientrate in quella fetta d’utenza che dopo svariate ore al PC, soffrono di fastidi o dolori a mano o braccio, la scelta di un mouse verticale potrebbe essere quello che fa per voi e il basso costo d’accesso per questo mouse non può che essere un ulteriore incentivo all’acquisto.”