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Sometimes even high quality products fail. Although we follow strict quality control procedures, occasional product defect is unavoidable. Our company policy is to minimise your inconvenience by offering a warranty period of up to 5 years that is simple, fast and straightforward RMA service.


In case of warranty, you must request RMA at your retailer who will then be able to order a replacement from one of our authorized distributors.


If you have any enquiries or concerns in connection with our products, please contact our support team using the contact form below.


For products distributed in USA, please contact Rexus USA.


Warranty Policy


The products purchased have a limited warranty from the date of purchase. The limited warranty period shall be specified in product specifications on our website and/or product documentation and is for the duration of 1 year unless otherwise stated.


Warranty coverage does not include the following:
– A faulty product that leads to harm or damage to other product or component
– Damage of product as a result of other product or component
– Incorrect method of operation or use of product not for intended use
– Any form of alteration to original product
– Inability to use product as a result of incompatibility with other product or component


The product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult our website for each product specifications.


In no event shall GELID Solutions, its directors or employees be liable for any indirect damage, incidental or consequential
damage arising from any defect or error in product or component and in any form of documentation, manual or collateral.

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