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GELID Solutions is based in Hong Kong, the geographical and economic center of Asia. For OEM/ODM customers that means quick and easy access to manufacturing facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan. This is a key point to dramatically reduce the go-to-market timing for the product series of our customers.


We have established a large base of trusted manufacturers able to fulfill OEM/ODM requests in virtually any industry: from tiny metal parts to sophisticated IoT devices. Our headquarters in Hong Kong is fine tuned to coordinate all the communications with and carefully expedite client orders ensuring a smooth project flow from placement of orders to finished goods delivery. Therefore, our customers can avoid the complexities, inconveniences and lots of other issues usually associated to dealing with factories directly. We guarantee shortened time to mass production and reduced total cost of ownership for your OEM/ODM projects.

Facility Inspection

Meeting at Industrial Fan Facility


Our manufacturing expertise covers a large span of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, glass, rubber, silicone, wood, paper etc. We use only qualified suppliers which deliver high-quality materials fabricated under strict eco-friendly standards. And you can be assured in fast delivery of raw materials and basic components for your OEM/ODM projects.

Metal Parts Processing

Metal Stampings

Components Ready for Shipment

Efficient Design

We have a team of mechanical and electrical engineers, seasoned professionals with 10+ yrs expertise in design and manufacturing. Our team uses the latest software and real prototyping tools to elaborate the best engineering practices in research, design and product development.

Engineering Team

3D Printer Quick Prototyping

CAD Works

Mechanical Design

Thermal Imaging

Software Simulation

Project Management

We carry out OEM/ODM projects on a turnkey basis, taking over all the project stages:
  • Review and analysis of customer’s requirements
  • Verification of target functions and specifications
  • Creation and verification of drafted designs
  • Prototyping and pre-sampling
  • Production design
  • Materials and components selection
  • Tooling
  • Incoming materials and components inspection
  • In-process manufacturing inspection
  • Pilot run
  • Product test and validation
  • Mass production
  • Product QC and branding
  • Delivery to HK warehouse
GELID Solutions’ team is determined to deliver the best quality of OEM/ODM services you can count on. We offer the full-cycle project management, from initial analysis to finished product shipping. We provide constant updates and track all data essential for quick and easy communications to manufacturers overseas and efficient verification of project flow.


We always double-check the entire production process, from the selection of raw materials and basic components to the finished product QC tests. That, in our view, is a guarantee not only for the smooth operation of production process, with no red-tape or delays, but also, perhaps, for the lowest defect rate in the industry.


We use a set of the state-of-the-art tools and technics for product testing and QC such as burn-in, thermal and dry heat tests, wind tunnel tests, vibration tests, EMC and EMI tests, and also components specific tests such as heatpipe pressure tests, thermal compound hardness tests, and many others. With GELID Solutions, you can achieve the highest standard of product quality and reliability while keep the shortest possible product development and production cycle.

Heatpipe Liquid Filling

Heatpipe Performance Test

Industrial Fan QC

Wind Tunnel Test

USB Charger PCB Burn-In

USB Charger PCB QC

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