• High Performance Cooling
  •  Lightweight Design
  •  High Reliability Silicone Fixtures
  •  Quick & Easy Mounting
  •  Fits all M.2 2280 SSD

SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit (HS-M2-SSD-10-A-4) & (HS-M2-SSD-10-A-1)

The SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit is designed to cool down the M.2 2280 SSD efficiently and prevents thermal throttling. It helps to improve performance, increase durability and enhance data integrity of the solid-state drives. The SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit uses the ultra-slim aluminum heatsink and the specially crafted thermal pads to deliver the best heat transfer and maintain significantly lowered operating temperatures for memory ICs and other electronic components of the M.2 SSD.

Additionally, the set of 3 ultra-durable silicone ring fixtures is supplied with the SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit to ensure safe mounting of the heatsinks. The SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit features quick installation and fits all standard M.2 2280 SSD designed for laptops or desktop computer systems.

Thermal Throttling explained:

Thermal Throttling is a technique whereby the frequency of an IC can be automatically adjusted to reduce the amount of heat generated by the IC. Normally, the SSD electronic components operate within the standard temperature range at full speed. But in case of high workloads – running the apps such as computer games, video processing or other data-intensive computing – an excessive heat can be generated by the SSD controller and memory ICs due to a high number of read/write operations and high data output.

To cool down the SSD, an automatic duty cycle is applied, the effective SSD frequency becomes lower, and the operating temperature gradually comes into the normal range. For this cycle, performance of the SSD degrades until it runs cooler. Some laptops may also have poor cooling inside the M.2 cabinet. In that case, a sequential activation of thermal throttling may occur, resulting in continuous underperformance of the M.2 type SSD.

The SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit significantly improves cooling of the M.2 type SSD. Therefore, operating temperature of the supported SSD becomes much lower. The SubZero M.2 SSD Cooling Kit helps to maintain temperature within the normal range under high workloads and prevents thermal throttling from activation.

EAN (Red): 4897025781689
EAN (Black): 4897025781658


Heatsink Dimensions (mm): 70 х 20 х 3
Heatsink Material: Aluminum
Thermal Pad Thickness (mm): 0.5 & 1
Thermal Pad Conductivity (W/mK): 12
Thermal Pad Hardness (Shore): 35
Weight (g): 40
Includes: Heatsink x1, Thermal Pad x2, Fixtures x3
Compatibility: M.2 2280


HWReady Award

Settembre 2017: Hardware Ready IT

"Abbiamo testato il SubZero su una piattaforma X299. Senza di esso il 960 arrivava facilmente a temperature intorno ai 90 gradi, diminuendo drasticamente le prestazioni! Una volta installato il piccolo dissipatore non abbiamo superato i 60 gradi, senza diminuzioni serie di prestazioni. Ovviamente le temperature possono variare a seconda della aerazione del vostro case."