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RGB 1-to-4 Splitter
RGB 1-to-4 SplitterRGB 1-to-4 SplitterRGB 1-to-4 Splitter



  • ● 4 x RGB Outputs
  • ● 12V 4-Pin RGB & 5V 3-Pin ARGB Header Support
  • ● Ultra-Durable Cable
  • ● 5 x Male Plug Adapters Included


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RGB 1-to-4 Splitter (CA-RGB-01)
4-Output RGB Splitter Cable


Designed for RGB enthusiasts to facilitate connection of numerous RGB fans or strips.


With RGB 1-to-4 Splitter you can easily expand one RGB or Addressable RGB (ARGB) header on your motherboard/controller to connect up to 4 RGB devices, and even more while daisy chaining multiple splitters altogether. Compatible with all standard 12V RGB and 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) fans or strips. Features ultra durable cabling for extended longevity and 5 x Male Plug Adapters for seamless installation.


MSRP: 3.00 USD / 3.49 EUR


EAN: 4897025782013




Color: Black
Cable Length (mm): 300
Input: 1 x 4-pin Female RGB Connector
Output: 4 x 4-pin Female RGB Connector
Included: 5 x Male Plug Adapter
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