AMBER5 ARGB Controller


  • 5 Addressable RGB Channels
  • 5 PWM Channels (Shared PWM Control)
  • 366 Pre-Programmed RGB Modes
  • Manual/Auto RGB Controls
  • 21-key RF Remote Control Unit
  • ARGB Sync Compatible
  • Built-in Magnet Holder

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5-Channel RF Remote ARGB Controller

Make your RGB setup simple and cool!

AMBER5 controls up to 5 fans, strips or other Addressable RGB (ARGB) devices and boasts 366 vivid lighting presets spanning a carefully selected collection of pre-programmed RGB modes and dynamic effects.

The SATA power connectivity is utilized which delivers up to 85W maximum power output and supports ARGB devices with up to 120 LEDs onboard to lit up and control on each channel.

AMBER5 also supports a passthrough ARGB Sync/Hub Mode via the 3-pin ARGB Sync Input while connected to compatible motherboards: ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI or ASRock. You are free to use the controller presets or switch to your own presets designed in your favorite RGB software.

AMBER5 comes with the 21-key RF (Radio Frequency) Remote to provide reliable and responsive remote control in the range of 8 meters.

AMBER5 can be installed inside or outside your PC just in seconds thanks to the built-in magnet. Additionally, the adhesive Sticky Pad is also included to facilitate installation in aluminum-made or non-metallic PC chassis.

Motherboard RGB Header Compatibility

Motherboard RGB Header Compatibility

*AMBER5 is not for sale in South Korea (FR 433MHz bandwidth used for remote control operation)

EAN: 4897025782587

Controller Unit:

ARGB Outputs: 5 x 3-pin ARGB Header
ARGB Voltage (V): 5
Dimensions (mm): 90.7 x 49.7 x 12.5
Inputs: 1 x Power SATA, 1 x PWM Control, 1 x 3-pin ARGB Sync
Power Draw (W): 85 max
Power Supply: SATA Connector
PWM Fan Outputs: 5 x 4-pin PWM Fan Header
PWM Fan Voltage (V): 12
Per-Channel ARGB Current (A): 1 max
Per-Channel PWM Fan Current (A): 1 max
Weight (g): 34.2
Warranty (years): 2

RF Remote:

Dimensions (mm): 86 x 40 x 7
Number of Keys: 21
Number of RGB Modes: 366
RC Method: Radio Frequency (RF 433MHz)
RC Range (m): 8
RGB Effects Speed Levels: 8
Static Brightness Levels: 8
Weight (g): 15

Included: 1 x Power SATA Cable, 1 x PWM Control Cable, 1 x ARGB Sync Cable, 1 x Sticky Pad   *1 x CR2025 Battery required, needs to be purchased separately

  • Is AMBER5 compatible with ASUS AURA Sync?

Yes, absolutely. AMBER5 is also compatible with other popular ARGB Sync software provided by MSI, Gigabyte and Asrock.


  • How can I switch between the built-in RGB presets (RF Mode) and MB ARGB Sync Mode?

You can simply press the middle top button on the RF Remote, and you're ready to go.


  • Is AMBER5 compatible with 4-Pin 12V RGB Header on my motherboard?

No, AMBER5 is designed to work with 3-Pin 5V Adrressable RGB hardware only. Connecting AMBER5 to 4-Pin 12V RGB Header will irreversibly damage your controller and the ARGB fans connected to it.


  • Can I connect AMBER5 to my motherboard so I can sync the ARGB lights all together?

Yes, sure. Please note however: AMBER5 will sync your ARGB fans with the same RGB mode, it appears as a single unit on RGB Sync software and can't control each fan individually.


  • Do I need a specific cable to plug AMBER5 into the 12V JRGB header?

Oh no, don’t do this! It will burn AMBER5!


  • Can I connect my 4-Pin 12V RGB Fan to AMBER5?

No, it will irreversibly damage AMBER5! Only 3-Pin 5V Addressable RGB Fans can be connected and used with AMBER5.


  • How can I connect AMBER5 to my motherboard?

Please use the ARGB Sync Cable to connect AMBER5 to the motherboard's 3-Pin 5V ARGB Header, and the Power SATA Cable to connect it to a SATA output of your PSU.


  • Does AMBER5 apply the RGB settings to all fans or just one?

One RGB Mode applies to all fans.


  • How can I tell if my motherboard is compatible with AMBER5?

Please check your motherboard specifications on the manufacturer's website or supplied installation guide if the ARGB Sync functions are supported. Please also seek the 3-Pin 5V ARGB headers on your motherboard, if you can find any.


Please download Quick Start Guide here.