• ● 24 ARGB LEDs
  • ● Dual Ring Lighting
  • ● Addressable RGB Controls
  • ● Airflow Optimized Impeller
  • ● Noiseless Motor Drive IC
  • ● Ultra-Durable Double Ball Bearing

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Stella (FN-STELLA-01)
120mm Dual Ring ARGB Fan

RGB Technologies Supported

Light up your System with Stella RGB lights!

STELLA introduces a perfect mixture of top-notch technologies and vivid design. It comes with 8 hub-mounted ARGB LEDs and 16 frame-mounted independent ARGB LEDs to illuminate stylish Dual Ring Lighting. The fan also boasts Double Ball Bearing for improved reliability and optimized impeller for enhanced airflow. Vibrant lights, robust build and low-noise operation all make STELLA a worthy companion for gaming PC rigs.


Stella ARGB Fan


24 ARGB LEDs: High-bright individually addressable LEDs for a stunningly vivid RGB Lighting experience.

Dual Ring Lighting: Limitless dynamic color modes and RGB effects via independent hub-mounted and ring-mounted LED arrays.

Airflow Optimized: The new optimized blade for higher airflow and lesser noise.

Noiseless Motor Drive IC: Enhanced motor driver circuitry to eliminate clicking noise.

Double Ball Bearing: Carefully selected top-quality ball bearings for ultra-durable operation.

Wide Range RPM: Extended speed range 500 – 1600 RPM.

Broad Compatibility: All modern motherboards with RGB Sync controls and 5V Addressable RGB (ARGB) headers are supported.


Standard RGB and Individually Addressable RGB (ARGB) Explained

In standard RGB applications, this type of fans uses the standard RGB LED header with 4-wiring: 12V, R, G, B. All the LEDs integrated with the fan are then connected onto the same 4 busses, they are all controlled as a whole, so they each will output exactly the same color.

It’s like you set color for an object in your graphics editor, for example, Red: 25, Green: 50 and Blue: 125, an external RGB controller or motherboard drives the standard RGB LED fan in the same way by altering power on the color busses at a proper duty cycle – the Red, Green and Blue bus, respectively – to output the desired RGB color.

Of course, colors can be managed dynamically, with numerous lighting effects in series. But uniformity of the LEDs – one color for all the LEDs at a time – limits RGB lighting effects to some degree.

RGB Fan Headers

Stella Individually Addressable RGB (ARGB)

Unlike the standard RGB fans, controls of the individually addressable RGB (ARGB) fans are digital in nature. For this case, the fans use the addressable RGB LED header with 3-wiring: 5V, D, Ground. And the LEDs integrated into the fan have a special companion IC which drives each of them individually: it resides on a one-wire serial bus and sends commands like “LEDs number 3, 5 and 6: switch to green” to set the desired color per individual LED. So, each of the LEDs has its own ID and is controlled independently from the others. In turn, an external app can be used to program the IC giving virtually unlimited options of color modes and effects. Rainbow-circle, rotating colors, multi-point pulsating colors and some other stunningly vivid RGB lighting effects are available only with the ARGB fans. But, as far as this type of fans supports digital RGB controls only, it’s up to your motherboard to provide a full-featured ARGB app to discover the excellence of addressable RGB lighting.

Please refer to your motherboard manual before connecting the individually addressable RGB fans.

The fan is RoHS and WEEE conform and carries a 3 year warranty.

Motherboard RGB Header Compatibility

Motherboard RGB Header Compatibility

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 3 cm

Tech for Techs, October 2020


Air Flow (CFM): 70 max.
Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
Cable Length (mm): 500 (PWM & RGB)
Power Draw (W): 5 max
DC Voltage (V): 12
Dimensions (mm): 120 (l) x 120 (w) x 25 (h)
Fan Life Time MTTF at 40C (h): 100000
Fan Speed (RPM): 500 – 1600
Noise Level (dBA): 35 max
Static Pressure (mmAq): 1.3
Fan Connector: 4-Pin PWM Header
RGB LED Connector: 3-Pin Addressable RGB Header (5V)
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (g): 156
Included: 4 Screws

EnosTech Review

December 2021:

"Gelid Stella i Stella Frost to wentylatory zdecydowanie warte rekomendacji i sporej ilości wyróżnień. Są one stosunkowo tanie (przypomnę ceny: ok. 37 zł/ ok. 46 zł), oferują świetnie wyglądające podświetlenie ARGB czy dobre wykonanie. W testach wypadły one znakomicie – zapewniają bardzo dobrą wydajność przy zachowaniu cichej pracy. Dotyczy to tak naprawdę wszystkich obrotów, nawet na maksymalnych nie jest tak głośno, jakbym mógł się spodziewać. Zdecydowanie więc polecam Wam zakup tych konstrukcji – powinniście być z nich zadowoleni."


December 2021:

"Gelid Stella kupicie już za ok. 37 zł, a Stella Frost za ok. 46 zł. W tych cenach jest to naprawdę świetny wybór. Śmigła bardzo dobrze wyglądają, oferują znakomity przepływ powietrza i są przy tym ciche. Z wentylatorów wychodzą też dwa kable ze złączami 4-pin oraz 3-pin ARGB, więc bez problemów możecie sterować obrotami czy podświetleniem. Czy można chcieć czegoś więcej w tej cenie? Moim zdaniem nie i z przyjemnością przyznaję wentylatorom trzy wyróżnienia."