SKU: TC-GC-Supreme
  •  No Irritation to Human Skin
  •  Optimal Heat Conductivity
  •  Non-Electrical Conductive
  •  Non-Flammable
  •  Anti-Oxidation &Non-Corrosive
  •  Non-Volatile & Non-Toxic

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GC-Supreme Thermal Compound 


“GC-Supreme” is made from the purest thermal conducting materials and offers superb thermal conduction. Thanks to nano scale produced new ultra-fine molecular structure the “GC-Supreme” fills spaces more effectively than conventional materials. In comparison to other thermal compounds the “GC-Supreme” provides an easier application especially with the GELID applicator. Coupled with excellent thermal conductivity for an attractive price this thermal compound makes the best choice for professionals. As a product of the SILENT product line the “GC-Supreme” contains 7g.


Recommended and awarded by:

“GC-Supreme is the one in all solution. It will deliver supreme performance, no matter if you are basic user or extreme overclocker. The paste is easy to apply and easy to remove and the amount is enough for heavy users. This is the product I can truly recommend to everone.” www.sf3d.fi


“With the GC-Supreme you get a thermal grease which is easy to apply and offers great performance.”www.ocaholic.ch


Density (g/cm3): 2.55
Net Content (g): 7
Thermal conductivity (W/mK): >4.5
Viscosity (Centipoise): 250000