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Docking station for virtually any mobile device


TreeArray ultra-flexible docking surface accommodates virtually any USB charged mobile device: phones, tablets, power-banks, e-readers, action cameras, GPS trackers and even bike lights. Zentree delivers 48W total power output juiced with up to 2.4A charging current per port, so you can simultaneously charge 4 power-hungry mobile devices, such as iPad Pro or alike. And seamless cable management helps to dock all the devices really quick and easy.


Explore ZENTREE!

Smart IC Control
48W Power Output
High Current Output
Seamless Cabling
Ultra High Efficiency
Our engineers take a very picky but professional look at ZENTREE and FOURZA. Check it out!

Now Available with Beautiful Skin Add-Ons
Meet the Silicone Skin, an easy replacement companion which adds different color options to your
Try the 3 beautiful colors:
Light Gray, Light Pink & White
Dimensions (mm): 224 x 159 x 95
Idle Power Consumption (W): 0.04
Max Output Current (A): 3 per Port (QC 3.0 & USB-PD modes)
Number of USB Ports: 4 (2x USB, 1x USB-C, 1x USB-PD)
Power Output (W): 60 (total)
Weight (g): 590

ZENTREE 2.0 Charging Station with green Silicon Skin x 1
Cable Holder x 2
Micro USB Cable (Charging Only) 40cm x 2
USB Type-C Cable (Charging Only) 40cm x 1
USB-PD Cable (Charging Only) 40cm x 1
AC Power Cord x 1

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